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Commercial & Industrial Laundry


The goal of any commercial linen facility is to process linen quickly and with quality results.  With that comes a high cost.  Hot water, steam and overall water use cost facilities thousands of dollars per month.  Add to that water treatment to the outgoing sewer and the cost increases further....

Hospitality &
Health Care 


Infection Control, Guest Care and patient comfort at Lower Wash Temperatures are what can be accomplished with the proper use of ozone in your laundry.  The Center for Disease Control has certified ozone as a viable solution to bacteria and virus kill. (Proper ozone levels are more effective than high temperature or chlorine bleach).....



Myth: Eliminate Hot water when washing with Ozone - While this may be possible when washing extremely light soil, it can prove disastrous for medium to heavy soil items.  Medium to heavy soil needs some temperature to open up natural fibers or to soften synthetic fibers to help release imbedded soils....

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