Healthcare and Hospitality


Infection Control, Guest Care and patient comfort at Lower Wash Temperatures are what can be accomplished with the proper use of ozone in your laundry.  The Center for Disease Control has certified ozone as a viable solution to bacteria and virus kill. (Proper ozone levels are more effective than high temperature or chlorine bleach).


Wet-tech has designed, built, installed and serviced ozone laundry equipment for over 30 years.  When designed and installed properly, OZONE WORKS.  With the proper sizing of the units and good communication with the chemical representative, dramatic savings can be achieved with high quality wash results.


Benefits include, lower wash temperature, longer linen life, breaking down of fats and oils (spa and suntan lotions) at lower temperatures, and the most effective disinfection process in the industry is standard.  Operations costs are reduced due to lower equipment maintenance.  Ironer ribbons and chest pads last longer due to chlorine neutralization in the final process.  Shorter wash times and reduced soil contamination due to the high oxidation powers of the ozone help to provide improved wash conditions.


Our systems not only provide solutions to your environmental needs, they also provide a payback with lower wash temperatures and less water use.  This can help reach green initiative goals.  With rebates available from the energy companies and a guaranteed savings, a Wet-Tech ozone system should be something to consider for your business.


WET-TECH products are made in America and the company is a recognized Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with a SAM registry


                    Room Air Deoderizer      





  • Coverage up to 4,000 square feet

  • Perminantly removes or controls unpleasant odors

  • Oxidizes dangerous contaminants

  • Provides simple and economical odor control technology

  • Removes smoke and smoke odors from cigarettes or fires

  • Reduces air born and hard surface bacteria growth

  • Kills, mold, bacteria, viruses and algae

  • Can penetrate and deoderize difficult to reach areas

  • Great for hospitality and healthcare applications

  • See "Cell Lysing" in technical articles for more information

      on ozone disinfection