Ozone application for the commercial linen market


The goal of any commercial linen facility is to process linen quickly and with quality results.  With that comes a high cost.  Hot water, steam and overall water use cost facilities thousands of dollars per month.  Add to that water treatment to the outgoing sewer and the cost increases further.


Ozone has been in the washroom for several years now with very mixed results.  Generally the units are too small for larger facilities or very unreliable and in constant need of service.  Or they are simply not designed properly.


Wet-tech has designed, built, installed and serviced ozone laundry equipment for thirty years.  When designed and installed properly, OZONE WORKS.  Our HF-Series ozone generators are specifically designed and built for larger commercial applications for either a tunnel washer or a conventional machine.


The versatility of the modular design of the HF-Series allows ozone to be directed to where it’s needed.  Besides direct injection to the wash process it can be used to help in waste water, reuse water or just about any place where environmental clean up is needed.


Our systems not only provide solutions to your environmental needs, they also provide a payback with lower wash temperatures and less water used.  With rebates available from the energy companies and a guaranteed savings, Wet-Tech should be something to consider for your business.


Air Purification Systems




The quality of our air is increasingly becoming more and more important. Using Ozone is very effective in air purification. Ozone oxidizes the soil and changes it to oxygen, water, smaller dust particles and destroys airborne bacteria.


Wet-Tech offers Aqua Aire stand alone air purification units for commercial air treatment. All units generate ozone using corona discharge process. The ozone levels can be automatically or manually controlled. The ozone combines with contaminants to render them harmless and odorless. In the process of oxidizing the contaminants the ozone is used up or due to its very unstable nature, quickly reverts to oxygen.

So to reduce and eliminate air borne bacteria and other contaminants Wet-Tech has an air purification system to suit your needs.



  • Fully automatic operation

  • Convenient carrying handles

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Indicator light confirms unit is operating properly

  • Aluminum alloy finish provides long lasting service life

  • A variety of timer options provide design flexibility

  • Low maintenance long life design 



  •  Coverage up to 4,000 square feet 

  • Permanently removes or controls unpleasant odors

  • Oxidizes dangerous contaminants

  • Provides simple and economical odor control technology

  • Removes smoke and smoke odors from cigarettes or fires

  • Reduces air born and hard surface bacteria growth

  • Kills mold, viruses, and algae

  • Can penetrate and deodorize difficult-to-reach areas

  • See "Cell Lysing" in technical articles for more information on ozone disinfection