Improving production and reducing cost is always a challenge. Using ozone in your washroom or laundry meets that challenge. Simply, Ozone acts as a chemical enhancer. When applied properly ozone reduces water use, reduces fuel use in making hot water, reduces chemical use and reduces waste water contamination. Ozone is also effective in reducing fabric degradation extending linen life, reducing formula run time (productive hours) and the extension of equipment life.

Wet-Tech, The Ozone People, have Multi level, Multi capacity, Diversified Ozone systems to meet the needs of today's Commercial and Industrial Laundries along with the special needs of the Hospitality and Healthcare Industries.

We design, manufacture and install the EnviroSaver II ® Ozone systems. Ozone the super oxygen enhancer, designed for the treatment of Water and Waste Water in the laundry provides efficiencies that saves you money. When properly used, Ozone provides the opportunity to conserve our natural resources with cost benefits in the range of 80% for heating fuel, 30% for water, 30% for chemicals and 25% for labor among some of the more obvious areas.

Our WT series of Generators is sized for the small washroom with machine capacity in the range of 35 through 135 pounds. The LB series, also modular in design, can produce over one pound of Ozone per day within 4 individual units so the application is controlled. This generator can service wash machine capacities up to and including 1,000 pounds, each cell is controlled with its own transformer working from a signal from your wash machine programmer. Our HF series will service large wash room facilities with multi-size washers producing high volumes of heavily soiled laundry. Our Silver coated ozone cells with borosilicate glass dielectric provides for cleaner, softer, odor free laundry with a longer useful life than other comparable systems. Our Life Cycle costs are low which means less maintenance or down time than otherwise experienced.

Ozone helps to reduce GREENHOUSE GAS emissions by lowering the hot water demands for washing. This GREENHOUSE GAS reduction in some cases has reached 65% of standard emission releases.

Make Ozone your chemical choice to enhance your laundering process and make Wet-Tech your system designer. Get a quick ROI with our Ozone system in your budget.

Whatever your application we have the system for you. For information and your local distributor please feel free to give us a call. Phone: 508.831.4229

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