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Jack Reiff, BS Management/ME, is president of WET-TECH, a laundry and wastewater treatment consulting firm based in Worcester, Mass. He perfected the ozone Side-Arm® injection system for laundry applications in 1989. Known throughout the industry and quoted by competitors as an authority, Jack is an innovator in washroom technology. He is the author of many studies in washroom technology and ozone applications in the laundry. Jack is a very active participant within the laundry industry. He is a member of the Textile Rental Services Association's legislative committee lobbying and working in committee to promote legislature that is beneficial to our industry. Jack is also a member of the innovative technologies committee staying on the cutting edge of new and developing technology for the laundry industry as well as being a member of (NELA) the New England Laundry Association and TACATA, (Textile Care Allied Trades Association) for allied trades industry involvement, ALM association for laundry managers.

Jack offers contract services directly to the health care industry, hospitality industry, linen supply houses, industrial uniform suppliers and other industrial laundry services.Wet-Tech offers design,manufacturing and installations of ozone systems for most laundry facilities.Check with an expert to get the best savings in time, chemicals, water, equipment life, electrical energy, heating fuel, and fabric degradation. Call (508) 831-4229 or email Jack Reiff.



Who We Are

WET-TECH is your source for Ozone treatment and energy conservation solutions.

Ozone is a known Disinfectant noted by the FDA, CDC and other health organizations, to destroy most bacteria on contact.  This disinfection/Sanitizing benefit is of most importance when processing any Health Care/Hospitality linen.  Ozone applications in the wash process have reduced Decubitus Ulcers (bed sores) to a minimum close to elimination of the problem.

The EnviroSaver II ozone systems are used for laundry washroom processing, air purification, waste water treatment, cooling towers, food processing sanitation and meeting the needs of environmental regulations.

Ozone application is an efficient way to cleanse and disinfect work station areas, trucks, stacking carts and other areas requiring disinfection.



Wet-Tech has maintained a Partnership with  03 Wash Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia for the last 18 years. Contact us for up to date information on Ozone and our active accounts 508.831.4229

Wet-Tech offers a full line of ozone laundry equipment as well as, ozone air and water purification systems. Browse through our site and explore technical data on Ozone while experiencing the many benefits that Wet-Tech can provide to you.
Our HF series of ozone systems, is designed for high volume, Heavy Soil classifications such as Industrial wipers, uniforms and Ink wipers.



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